Desnudo Proyección

Desnudo Proyección explores and combines the flow of free-line illustrations and organic paintings blanketed onto freely posed bodies, giving rise to a new visual piece designed to provoke a deeper look into the forms. The real life and projected images are frozen in that moment in time capturing the emotions and personalities or each piece.

This first series is a collaboration between the vision of Interactive Artist Omorphy and the Organic & Entranced works of Painter / Illustrator Marina Valerie Grigoryeva

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- Om

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The Photographer

Omorphy, a.k.a Allistar D. Peters’ interactive installations and photographs have been exhibited internationally. His sudo breast cam dress apply named "Gazelena” has appeared on the streets of New York City and Beijing, was featured by Reuters, picked up by other publications such as DDN Japan, Moondial, and was on television in Taiwan & Japan.

His other international exhibitions include the group installation “COEXIST” which was featured in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 in Yokohama, Japan and Yin Yang Shout, a month long solo exhibit show at Tom and Jerry’s in New York City. 

Allistar was born on the Island of Trinidad, where his first creations were making Lego structures when he spent time in a hospital for a kidney disease. After honing his drawing skills, he moved on to painting and other visual artistry. Allistar discovered the joy of working with his hands in other ways and spent hours on end deconstructing objects and learning to put them back together again. He also had a natural talent for music, which runs in his family. 

In 1991, Allistar moved to the United States to pursue a college degree for engineering. He later switched major and college to pursue music. After graduating from Five Towns College with a Bachelor in Jazz Music Composition and Audio Engineering, Allistar produced several works of music including music for film. His works were featured in short films and his first feature called Pro Black Sheep directed by Clayton Broomes Jr. 

While working as a photo-archivist for the Associated Press, Allistar decided to return to the passions that ignited his creative fire – Art and Technology. He later attended New York University and received a Masters degree in Interactive Technology at Tisch’s ITP. Fusing his engineering skills and creative talents – Allistar has produced works that are grounded in social consciousness and layered in beautiful concepts, where he formally used the name Omorphy as his artist name. 

His recent work “Blushing Libby” pushes the boundaries of provocative art and high tech design. Blushing Libby is a nude whimsical character wearing a transparent LED dress. The lights turn on red in response to the onlookers in a performance space. The more people look at the dress the brighter it becomes rendering an almost blinding layer between Libby’s naked body and the audience. You can see learn more about Libby here and she will make her debut late 2013. 

Desnudo Proyección is Allistar’s latest photography body of work and continues in the provocative art theme. It’s a three part series with each series featuring paintings from different painters and illustrators, projected onto sensuous human canvases as they blend into the life of the paintings frozen for eternity.

Allistar lives and works in New York City and also goes by the name Omorphy of Omorphy Photos. 

Omorphy’s current and past Art Installations include:

Desnudo Proyección: Nude projection photography featuring paintings from Marina Valerie - 2013
Blushing Libby : A fictional character, wearing a flowing transparent dress – 2012
Coexist : Group Installation SIGGRAPH ASIA: Yokohama, Japan – December 2009
Yin Yang Shout: Solo installation at Tom & Jerry’s bar - November 2009
Gazelena : Wearable Surveillance Art. The streets of NYC, 2008 & Shanghai, 2010
Various songs for movies - 2005 - 2009: Alone Pro Black Sheep ,Flow From Far 

Paso Andando : An interactive travel-log Kiosk. New York - 2007

ScreenSpace : Retreat to your personal space Installation. New York – 2006          

The Painter


My paintings are about inner feelings. There's no obvious idea, no particular image or form at first when I start working with canvas. It's just quintessence of ideas, feelings and emotions that have been stored and preserved in my body and mind to be transformed into an image after they are ripened enough. 
Some of them represent my view of how some matter is created.
Some show my ways to escape from this realm that we know and connect to my real nature.
They all are a way to obtain peace, celebrate life, love and creation.
It's my meditation. It's either the world that I want to see after some changes or the world that is already known. Either way it's a therapy.
Inspiration comes from strong sensations and feelings. It comes from inside. Some outside events are just a trigger to let the flow open. 
Anyway, there's millions ways and thousands words to describe the phenomena and let it be logical, understandable. Just feel your way and move on :)

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