About Omorphy

My name is Omorphy. I cannot help delving into creative things whether that be in my imagination or my reality.  Battling with my creative impulse as I did my best to fit into regular business society until I realized that I am built to create, to innovate, and that is fine.
So, here I am indulging in one of my artistic outlets, photography, one that I will express forever.  

Hope you like what you see.

Photography allows me to capture moments that are both real and created.  It is a conduit for me to tap into my creative power and experiment with people behind the camera. I believe we can PROVOKE feelings and SPARK imagination with photography.  I want to FREEZE those moments with you. 

 - Omorphy

Born on the island of Trinidad in the city of Port-of-Spain and the first of five children, Omorphy developed early-on an interest in drawing. Later on in high school he picked up painting along with his affinity for science, engineering, and tinkering with any and everything needing a screwdriver to hack open. After graduating high school at age 16, Omorphy fell in love and pursued a career in music. This was inevitable because his father is also a musician.

Upon landing in the United States at the age of 19, Omorphy attended college to pursue an Engineering degree but was "sirened" by the call of music once again. Omorphy later changed colleges and received a BM in Jazz Music Composition and Audio Engineering at Five Towns College in Long Island NY. Since then he's produced a few musical works for film, animation and harmonic electronic music along with a few ballads.

After working in finance and news photojournalism for a few years Omorphy felt the need to strengthen his knowledge and skill-set so he attended New York University where he obtained his Masters in Interactive Technology (ITP). There he stumbled into the world where Technology kisses Art. With this new attraction, Omorphy applied his knowledge and has produced works that reflect his passions while being conscious of the world around him. In the end he hopes to trigger a smile or concern on people faces while drumming up awareness of social topics and exercising his creative hand.

Omorphy's current pursuits include Photography, Immersive Art Installations, use of Solar technology as a new household source of energy and beautification. I am constantly looking for new creative ventures, immersing himself and absorbing new information whilst increasing his knowledge pool.



Creating spaces where visitors are provoked to tap into their inner self and the demons and angels that lie within. I help people think, think deeply!

Styled shoots are my specialties with a focus growing into Fine Art Photography. Meeting with models before photo-shoots  helps to make sure they fit the theme or create a theme around the model. There need to be a connection in the end result.


Other works from Omorphy

* Desnudo Projection: A photo projection / painting collaboration with Marina Valerie: - 2013

* Blushing Libby: A fictional character,wearing a flowing transparent dress – 2011

* Coexist: Group Installation SIGGRAPH ASIA: Yokohama, Japan – December 2009

* YinYang Shout: Solo installation at Tom & Jerry’s bar  - November 2009

* Gazelena: Wearable SurveillanceArt. The streets of NYC, 2008 & Shanghai, 2010

* Various songs for movies: Alone, Pro Black Sheep, FlowFrom Far - 2005 - 2009

* Paso Andando: An interactive travel-logKiosk.  New York - 2007


Photography, Diving, traveling around the world, gallery hoping, having a meal or drinks with friends, making electronics, embedding technology into anything.

Is that too much? :)

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